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Contact Walt Brinker at 281-703-2881 to sign up or for more information.

The Eastover litter pickup initiative is a decentralized litter pickup plan where individual volunteers take responsibility for their chosen portions of road in Eastover.  There are no scheduled community-wide litter pickup sweeps.  The goal for this program is keeping Eastover beautiful, not gaining recognition from North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

Individuals who assume responsibility agree to clean up their sectors on a regular basis such as a 2 to 3-week cycle.  Volunteers may dispose of picked up litter with their own garbage and recycle pickup, or they may leave tied-up filled bags roadside and request pickup by NCDOT.  Click here for the program's terms and conditions.

Litter pickup volunteers have already claimed sections of Eastover streets shown in green on the map.  The numbers in red correspond to volunteers' choices of road and point-of-contact data provided to Walt during signup.  Feel free to claim for yourself sections of street not in green.  Walt will update the map as more folks volunteer.

 Map Legend:

 Green denotes the section of road already claimed by a volunteer.

 The sections of road in black are unclaimed.

 The red numbers correspond with the record number in the volunteer database.

 Blue denotes the Eastover town limits.

Eastover Litter Pickup Initiative